Brokers, Wholesalers, and Sellers, we are actively looking for properties that meet our buying criteria below.  Please contact us with details of any property that meets these criteria.

Property class

Our primary interest is multifamily.  We will also consider Mobile home parks and self storage.


  • Current financing conditions limit the  Maximum price to $750,000.  (Properties under $500,000 must have owner financing or a source for commercial financing. )
  • Current positive cash flow after financing
  • 9% cap rate or higher (including management expense) based on actuals
  • B or C property
  • A, B or C area,  No D properties or areas
  • Property should have a value add opportunity
  • Professional local property management must be available

An ideal candidate would be a C property in a B area with the ability to increase occupancy, increase rents or decrease expenses.

Maryland properties

  • Minimum 3 units
  • Must be properly  Zoned for multi-unit
  • Properties needing renovation are acceptable
  • Properties must be in the following areas
    • Greater Baltimore area
    • Prince George’s County
    • Ann Arundel County
    • Howard County

Out of state properties

  • Minimum 15 units
  • No full repositioning or properties needing substantial repairs
  • City with at least 250,000 people
  • Must be a market with forecast job and population growth
  • Current Markets Considered
    • Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Austin, TX
    • Jacksonville, FL

We will consider multifamily properties that do not meet these criteria if there is a compelling reason to do so.